Living with environmental consciousness has always been a part of our lives. We apply this belief to all our jewelry. We use precious natural hardwoods as the primary material for being sustainable, and when we use metals, we source them from responsible Jewelry Council certified online retailers such as, Rio Grande, where more than 85% of the gold is recycled and comes from American gold mines. By utilizing modern technologies like computers and laser cutting, we replace the traditional fabrication process and eliminate toxic chemicals and waste. Our packaging, cards, and stationery are made from 100% recycled material.



Unfortunately, behind the most beautiful pieces of jewelry there is a big price for the environment. The primary issue is about the industrial methods of extracting precious metals and gems from the earth. The process creates toxic waste similar to that caused by mining for oil and natural gas. To make matters worse, most of the mining takes place in developing countries that don’t have the ability to control the extracting companies. The secondary issue is about the hazardous chemicals used in jewelry fabrication. These chemicals include cyanide, acids, solvents, compressed gases, investment dusts, polishing compounds, pickle and solders. 

Did you know that Earthworks estimates that a standard 18-karat wedding band leaves behind 20 tons of toxic waste?! By buying and wearing jewelry made with sustainable wood and/or recycled metal material, you can look beautiful and help the environment at the same time!




We will donate 10% of the profits quarterly to a different charity relating to environmental causes or animal welfare. This winter, your support will go to Friends of the Earth, an outspoken global network representing more than two million activists in 75 different countries. They are working towards a peaceful and sustainable world based on societies living in harmony with nature. If you have any suggestions what charity we should support, we welcome you to give us suggestion by leaving comments below.  
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