DIY store sign

Everyone likes string lights. So am I... At $2.99/ piece, I auto-pilot bought a couple of battery-operated (no outlets at most craft fairs unless renting it) SÄRDAL when hunting for craft fair props at Ikea. After 6 moths, my SÄRDAL is still sitting in the storage box, unused. And I'm still lacking a proper store sign- friends been telling me I should print one of those big vinyl banner with my logo really big on it. 
Anyways, here is what I did with 2 strings of SÄRDAL and some plywood:
Laser cut a frame with holes to push the each lights in and another pieces with store info. The holes needs to be kind of tight-fit. I use digital caliper to know the exact diameter.

Paint the marquee frame white using non-toxic Milk Paint. Milk Paint is an old-fashioned, all natural, powdered-form paint used a lot on wooden toys.


Add logo. Laser cut from walnut wood.

Turn on the light. Our pop up shop is open!

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