The story of behind "WENWEN"

  • By Frances Chang
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The story of behind

One of the hardest thing to start an entrepreneurial small business is to name your business. Especially creative business, where the brand is essentially the extension to one's self, many started soul searching to find that dearest word to the heart.

"Wen" is the last character of my Chinese (real) name. Growing up in Taiwan, it's common for the elderly to call the youth in the family by the last character of their names. But my grandma in particular, calls me "Wenwen". She's also the person introduced me to the world of craft by owning her sweater production business- a solopreneur business that brought up 4 kids of hers and owned by a woman in the 60's in Taiwan. Before I was 5 years old and moved to Taipei City (the capital of Taiwan) with parents from grandma's house in the countryside, I already know the basics of knitting, embroidery and cross-stitching.
I named this new venture of mine WENWEN designs as a tribute to grandma and a reminder of the raw happiness when making something by hand.
Grandma and I. She's now 96 and living in Taiwan.

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