Most Gifted This season

Most Gifted This season

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Square Foliage Necklace and Earrings
NEW & Trending

Jewelry made different

Inspired by graphics. Created by tech + hands. Sustainably made in San Francisco.

Jeanne G. Online Customer

Her jewelry is so well made, with such attention to detail and unique designs. I bought my first pieces in person at City Art Gallery on Valencia and have since made special trips in to the city to keep up with her newest pieces.

Iryna E. Customer from City Hall Pop-up

This necklace is a staple for me-- it adds an elegant touch to everything I wear. It goes with everything too, so I don't have to think twice in the morning! 

Daniel H. Online Customer

Just got back from San Diego. Two of your necklaces not only looked great but both ladies loved them as well. 

Thanks for making my trip. Merry Xmas!

Irene City Art Gallery Customer

Thank you for your beautiful art!

I saw you @ a craft show yrs ago & you're a big reason that I finally decided to pierce my ears :) 

Adriana Online Customer

Beautiful and subtle, the gold combines with the deep red perfectly, and the details in the hexagon add to the whole piece. The gold is very shiny and has hold without loosing quality. Highly recommend.

Our 2020 Holiday Popups are all going virtual!

Here are some highlights 👉
Our 2020 Holiday Popups are all going virtual!


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