Notes to the Artist

Thank you for your beautiful art!

I saw you @ a craft show yrs ago & you're a big reason that I finally decided to pierce my ears :)

— Irene


Shoppers have the option to leave "Notes to the Artist" for every piece of sold art at City Art Gallery.


Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_1Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_2Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_3Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_4Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_5Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_6Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_7Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_8Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_9Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_10Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_11Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_13Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_14Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_15Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_16Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_10Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_17Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_18Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_19Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_20Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_21Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_22Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_23Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_24Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_25Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_26Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_27Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_28Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_29Notes to the Artist_WENWENdesigns_30



notes to artist_for wenwendesigns_at city art gallery San Francisco